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Welcome to the Psychology of Longevity Mediaphoton section

When MisterShortcut created the first Megaphotons,
Dr David Cohen, as always, elevated it. We call it the full Mediaphoton series.
Individual frequencies, from aloe vera and gallbladder-stimulating,
the gentlest and most effective frequencies humans have seen ...
at least since the days of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, one amazing man.

Thanks to the leaps in technology, our ability to accelerate molecules through supercharging,
and the genuine genius of Dr. Cohen, see if you can figure out the several ways here,
maximizing the potential for YOU, via slideshow, or download, or other approaches.

Presented to the generations, compliments of Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
and the Godfather of Shortcuts, in YOUR corner, MisterShortcut.